Audio Course on Vedic Astrology

52 Lessons of 1½ Hour

Take this unique chance to take lessons on vedic astrology given by a professional astrologer.

Ideal for beginners in vedic astrology. Those of you who do have basic knowledge of western astrology will find this course very revealing and uplifting. Although vedic astrology and western astrology are basically the same system of astrology, the spiritual perspective in which this course is given makes it a very unique experience.

The principles of interpretation that are systematically thought in the course, are given in the context of real persons charts. In this way the student immediately sees the application of the taught principles, and on this basis gains immediate confidence in the correctness of the system!
After duly examining the basic characteristics of the signs, houses and planets, the course proceeds in studying the dignities of planets in the different signs. The friendships or otherwise between the planets are delineated, and step by step the student learns how to apply these basic rules of interpretation.

The lunar nodes are dealt with extensively as indicators of one's life purpose. Pluto and its opposite point receive special attention in describing the deepest evolutionary intention of the soul. In this respect the course draws on the insights of Jeff Green, as laid out in his book: Pluto, The evolutionary Journey of the Soul. Uranus and Neptune have also been integrated in the interpretations, as well as the part of fortune.

With the help of the above astrological factors, the student is systematically trained in delineating the very life purpose of the native. As such this course falls in the category of Spiritual Astrology.

The Vimshottary dasha system is extensively dealt with in the many example charts that are being presented. Its efficacy is even demonstrated in the case study of the sudden death of the beloved princes Diana.

Other famous persons who's horoscope is interpreted in the course are: Albert Einstein, Paramahamsa Yogananda, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Clint Eastwood, Rabindranath Tagore and the legendary King Rama. The chart of many course participants are used to illustrate the many rules and principles of delineation.

No calculations are included in the course but the basic astronomical mechanics are clearly explained. (Dimensions of our solar system, retrogression, combustion, precession, actual transits of the planets etc.)

The eternal paradox between free will and predestination receives its due attention in lesson 4, which gives the ultimate solution of this riddle. Lesson 3 illustrates the holographic structure of the universe, on the basis of which the ultimate explanation of why astrology works is given.
The course ends with two lessons on the compatibility of partners, in terms of the ancient vedic system of comparison of two horoscopes.

This course not only provides you with the technical tools for interpreting a chart, but is also deeply steeped in a vedantic outlook on life, which provides the practitioner of astrology a profound basis for guiding his clients on the path of increased happiness and satisfaction in life.

Warmly recommended!

Costs: 365 Euro for 53 audiotapes (90 minutes each), including shipment.