Cosmic Coaching

Difficult or problematic situations, seen from a cosmic perspective, become better manageable! Also for this consultation I need your birth details: date, time and place. I will then take you on a helicopter flight over the landscape of your life! From this higher perspective, you will be able to see your way through possible obstacles or difficulties. Taking distance to your present situation in this way, helps you find your inner compass, and helps you steer your way into health, happiness and increased levels of self-awareness!

Price: 60 Euro per hour.

Usually one hour is enough for a new and refreshing perspective. From insight comes a clear vision of possibilities.

The proof of the pudding is in the eating. My joy is to serve you, and bring you back into your power!

Practical Points:

Usually these consultations are done by phone, but if you have skype installed on your computer, we can skype together! My skype address is: frans.langenkamp

Payment can be made per Paypal. It is easy to open a paypal account, by going to Paypal. Then you can do payments to any email address in the world! (And receive payments from all over the world)

A request for a Cosmic Coaching Session is best done by email. I react as soon as I can, to make an appointment with you.

Love to hear from you!