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The 27 Nakshatras

All about the nakshatras:


# Name Position
Personality Traits
1 ASHWINI 00°00' MES
13°20' MES
Liked by all, of fine appearance, intelligent, skilled in work, progressive, wealthy, self-willed, spends easily, helpful to friends, good adviser, has healing capacity.
2 BHARANI 13°20' MES
26°40' MES
Truthful, honest, intelligent, pure-hearted, dutiful, self-controled, of strong will-power, firm, forbearing, persevering, successful at work, popular, happy, generous.
10°00' VRB
Dignified, strong, healthy, highly esteemed, famous, ambitious, performing monumental deeds, a good commander, happy, pure, loves good food.
4 ROHINI 10°00' VRB
23°20' VRB
Of settled mind, religious, meditative, learned, lucky, non-covetous, philantropic, refined, has clean habits,of firm views, influential, a good guide, lovely in appearance.
06°40' MIT
Full of love, motherly, cheerful,sincere, simple, of active habits, adaptable, good memory, persevering,good conversationalist, good in research, investigating, not showing his weak side.
6 ARDRA 06°40' MIT
20°00' MIT
Assertive, strong willed, sincere in work, ambitious, successful in commerce, of high self-esteem, sensative,good psychological insight, cool, versatile, knowledgeable. 
03°20' KAR
Well-behaved, truthful, virtuous, self-controled, humble, compassionate, amiable, diligent, clever, enthusiastic,easily contented, makes many journeys.
16°40' KAR
Soft-hearted, honest, intelligent, intuitive, learned in shastras, balanced, prosperous, charitable, popular, fond of travel, self-reliant, holds a commanding position.
00°00' SIM
Straightforward, smart, of penetrating vision, independent, ambitious, bright speaker, commanding respect, skilled in politics, diplomatic, good in keeping secrets, loves travel.
10 MAGHA 00°00' SIM
13°20' SIM
Royal, dignified, self-assured,outspoken, assertive, doing important works, praiseworthy, rich, generous,altruistic, devout, respecting elders, artistic.
11 P.PHALGUNI 13°20' SIM
26°40' SIM
Prosperous, liberal in gifts, good in business, loves freedom, always travelling, famous, respected, sweet-tongued, artistic, of bright appearance, majestic, victorious.
12 U.PHALGUNI 26°40' SIM
10°00' KAN
Intellectual, learned, religious,sincere, good teacher, loved by all, helpful, hospitable, good patron, neat behaviour, lives in comfort.
13 HASTA 10°00' KAN
23°20' KAN
Enthousiastic, resourceful, industrious, determined, persevering, knowledgeable, contemplative, witty, good adviser,calm, of sweet smiles.
14 CHITRA 23°20' KAN
06°40' TUL
Very intelligent, intuitive, artistic, good designer, purposeful, enterprising, skilled in organizing, good conversationalist, loves ornaments.
15 SWATI 06°40' TUL
20°00' TUL
Composed, modest, merciful, sympathetic, of sweet speech, intuitive, of sound judgement, scholarly, self-controled, self-willed, independent, makes many journeys, skilled in trade, charitable.
16 VISHAKHA 20°00' TUL
03°20' VRK
Energetic, purposeful, aiming at success, very intelligent, good and distinct speech, courteous, loves company, moves in high and low circles, good politician.
17 ANURADHA 03°20' VRK
16°40' VRK
Devoted, loving, friendly, optimistic, determined, progressive, has strong appetite, hard working, wealthy, honourable, contemplative, makes many journeys.
18 JYESHTA 16°40' VRK
00°00' DHA
Joyful, good natured, irreproachable, religious, learned, poetical, sober, sharp eyed, skilled, self-made, independent, loves freedom, famous, wealthy, good leader.
19 MOOLA 00°00' DHA
13°20' DHA
High self-esteem, dignified, wide awake, clever, of firm views, goes for basic and original things, straightforward, law-abiding, generous, non-injurous, very special.
20 P.ASHADHA 13°20' DHA
26°40' DHA
Farseeing, wise, humane, forgiving, protective, generous, firm in danger, enterprising, influential, unyielding, victorious, loves travel.
21 U.ASHADHA 26°40' DHA
10°00' MAK
Popular, famous, humorous, wise, virtuous, peace-loving, grateful, trustworthy, a good adviser, observing penance, methodical, penetrating, intensive, victorious.
22 SHRAVANA 10°00' MAK
23°20' MAK
Scholarly, wise, respecting the shastras, good educator, peaceful, large-hearted, enthusiastic, active, versatile, progressive, circumspective, famous, loves adornment.
06°40' KUM
Fearless, ambitious, self-willed, has controling capacity, high self-esteem, lucky, has Midas touch, lives in luxuries, generous, fond of music, loves society, scientific.
20°00' KUM
Tactful, truthful, learned, good memory, meditative, philosophical, prefers solitude, independent, clever, uncompromising, powerful, acting fast, has healing capacity.
03°20' MEE
Serious, learned, of distinct speech, humane, honest, helpful, a good friend, impartial, unselfish, skilled in earning money, principled, polite, observing penance.
16°40' MEE
Virtuous, happy, knowledgeable, wise, able speaker, pure-hearted, aimiable, diligent, prosperous, strong personality, victorious, loves renunciation.
27 REVATI 16°40' MEE
00°00' MES
Sympathetic, sensative, intuitive, spiritual, soft-spoken, happy, popular, independent, dutiful, orthodox, rich, philantropic, leaves no room for blame.

MES=Mesha, VRB=Vrishabha, MIT=Mithuna, KAR=Karka,SIM=Simha, KAN=Kanya,
TUL=Tula, VRK=Vrishcika, DHA=Dhanu, MAK=Makara,KUM=Kumbha, MEE=Meena.


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