Auspicious moments

One of the most practical applications of astrology is the calculation of auspicious moments to start important undertakings or projects.

´Well begun is half done´ is a universal experience of mankind.

Any new project is reflected in the stars just as the start of a newborn life is!

We are not in a position to design our own birthchart, but we are in a position to design the birthchart of an important undertaking.

This applies to sarting a new company, a marriage, signing an important contract, starting a journey abroad, emigration etc.

By determining a favourite horoscope, within a timeframe that you indicate, you can assure yourselve of the blessings of the cosmos for the succes of your new undertaking! You will experience a maximum degree of support of nature during the course of the entire project.

My worktime to find an auspicious moment comprises two to three hours. I always work very thoroughly on these things. In case you are aware of youw own bithtime, I would like to make use of it as well, since then I will be able to attune the auspicious moment to your individual birthchart. This ensures the maximum effect.

Costs: 125 Euro.