Name giving advice

By nature there is always a cosmic correspondence between the name and form of a person. The cosmic intelligence Him/Herself seems to provide a name for the newborn baby through the intuition of the mother and the father.

Yet it is possible to tune in to that cosmic intuition, or to help it come through, by looking to the position of the Moon, Sun and the Ascendant against the background of the fixed stars.

The position of these cosmic factors in the so called Nakshatras or Lunar Mansions, indicate the syllable or sound with which the name of the newly born person ideally should start. On the basis of this cosmic beginning sound you can determine the rest of the name yourself.

For instance, is 'Ma' the sound belonging to the Nakshatra of the Moon then you can take as a name Mark or Martin, Manoushka or Mariah etc.

In this way you can be assured that the name of your newborn baby has an optimal correspondence with his/her inborn nature and tendencies.

Costs: 25 Euro.