Learn to meditate effortlessly
from an experienced meditation teacher!

The form of meditation I teach is an effortless and natural technique, by which we easily experience a deep state of peace and restfulness!

This restfulness automatically resolves tiredness, tensions and deeper rooted stresses from our nervous system!

Immediately after meditation we feel fresher, more energetic, more peaceful and happy!

These effects are experienced right from the first day of the practice!

The daily practice for 20 minutes is an effortless way of achieving inner peace and self-realization!

May I introduce myself?

I have been practising the TM technique since March 1974.

I still practice it daily, and I still benefit from it ... even after 43 years!

In 1979 I was personally trained by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi as a teacher of Transcendental Meditation (TM).

Since 2002 I work as an independent meditation teacher, no longer affiliated with the TM organization or any other organization! TM has made me independent!

Three good reasons for learning meditation with me:

  1. For Seventeen years I studied under the direct supervision of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.
  2. In 1992 I received a doctors degree in Vedic Sciences from Maharishi, for my specializations in Vedic astrology, Yoga and Vedanta.
  3. My price for the course is only half of what the TM organization charges ... (€ 400).

Structure of the course:

Four lessons, possibly on consecutive days; Every day about two hours.

For example, your private course might look like this:

Saturday, Lesson 1: Personal instruction. (75 minutes).

Sunday, Lesson 2: Eight symptoms of correct meditation.

Monday, Lesson 3: Insight into the mechanism of stress release.

Tuesday, Lesson 4: Long-term effects.

Guidance: After 10 days we will again meet per skype in order to see if everything is working smoothly. We will also do a "checking". This is a simple procedure in which the correctness of the practice can be tested. Any inefficiency of the practice is thereby spontaneously corrected.

If you would like more information, simply send me an email!
You are welcome!
Drs. Frans Langenkamp