Talents Development Consult

Do you want to develop a certain talent?

Let me be of help to you!

In only ten minutes per talent,
you will receive adequate and practical guidelines
about how you will be able to develop
a certain talent or a certain natural ability!
And that only for € 18 per talent!!!

No Good, Money Back!

Tell me what qualities you would like to develop,
or simply choose one or more talents from the list below.
This list gives you some idea of the talents
I can help you develop.

  1. Love(loving, harmonic and fulfilling relationships)
  2. Wisdom (Balance, equanimity, right judgement about people and situations)
  3. Courage (Willpower, daring, initiative, lust for adventure, stamina)
  4. Communication (How can I learn to express myself better, how can I prevent misunderstandings)
  5. Self-trust (How do I get more faith in myself, how to gain more self-confidence)
  6. Handling Emotions (How do I gain more control over my emotions, how can I handle emotions better)
  7. Artistic talent (How do I develop my talent for singing, painting, dancing, acting, music making, etc.)
  8. Healing gifts (How to develop my healing gifts, how do I heal my own wounded inner child)
  9. Intuition (How to develop my intuition, how can I learn to listen to my intuition, how do I become clear-knowing)
  10. Empathy (How can I be empathetic with others, without forgetting about my own needs and wants, how to sympathise with others without sacrificing myself)
  11. Happiness (How do I find true happiness in life, how do I find happiness that is lasting, how can I become fulfilled in life)
  12. Authenticity (How can I learn to be more myself in all circumstances, what is my mission in life, what is my life purpose, what is my destination)

Or,say in your own words what you would like to develop!

Is something missing in your life that prevents you from being fulfilled?

What is your weak spot?

Your veryweak spot may become your strong spot!

It is mostly a matter of ‘know how’.
This ‘know how’ is given to us by your birth chart.

I know, the development of our talents is a huge task,
which we all are obliged to fulfil on our own! Therefore, it might be hard
to believe or understand how an outsider like me can help you with that!
However, your horoscope reveals to me you your cosmic nature, in all its facets.

From the vantage point of your cosmic self, nothing is impossible:
Where there is a wish, there is a way!

Your real self is a field of all possibilities!

I will help you realize that!

Simply send me an email with your birth data:

Date: ….. Time: ….. Place: ….. Country/State: ..….

After receiving your order, along with your payment, I will make a digital recording for you. You will then receive an email from me with a private link to the recording. By clicking on it, you can hear the recording, and you can also download it. (MP3 file)

You can transfer your payment (€ 18 per talent) to the account number of my consultation firm: 9227777, Universal Vision Consultancy, at Lelystad, Netherlands. IBAN: NL08INGB0009227777. BIC: INGBNL2A. Or you can transfer the amount per Paypal to my email address: see contactgegevens

Trust me,I will not disappoint you!

Moreover, there is my money back guarantee!

Make use of my more than 25 years of astrological experience,

combined withmy 61 years of international life experience.

I am looking forward to be of service to you!

Yours truly,

Drs. Frans Langenkamp Ph.D.