Partnership Analysis

The comparison of two horoscopes can be done for a love relationship or for a business relationship, and for a parent/child relationship as well.

With the help of a Composite Horoscope the 'cosmic purpose' of a relationship can be determined. By tuning in to the cosmic intention that is revealed in this chart, the two persons will experience an increase of clarity and a sense of purpose by which both feel more supported by the relationship.

With the help of a House on House and Sign on Sign analysis it becomes clear how two partners interact with each other. We can see in which respects one partner can stimulate and compliment the other partner and in which respects the one can be a challenge for the other. Insight in this subtle dynamics makes for better understanding of the ongoing process. This enhances the feeling of mutual respect. Difficult interaction patterns become more manageable.

Greater insight into the nature of the relationship makes each partner more self-referral and that is the basis for more maturity and joy to blossom in both of them.

Costs: 60 Euro per hour.

Usually a session of two hours suffices.