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The Nine Grahas
The section in italics lists the following categories:
Devata. Avatar. Three branches of Vedic Science. Planetary cabinet.
Caste. Family member. Element. Direction.
Quality. Constitution. Bodily component. Body part.
Taste. Colour. Metal. Gem. Year of maturation.


Sun behind clouds


The Atman, the Self of all beings, Purusha, ego, sense of individuality, consciousness, creative intelligence, health, vitality, body, dignity, nobility, godliness, royalty, authority, government, organising power, personal magnetism, radiance, charisma, leadership, inspiration, enthusiasm, zest, courage, victory, honour, pride, ambition, creativity, general success, reliability, stability, personality, character, grace, generosity, respect for elders, doctoring capacity, places of worship, temples, town halls, palaces, square forms, forests, mountains, hill-sides.
Agni, Shiva. Rama avatar. Rigveda, Vedanta, Samkhya. King. Kshatriya. Father. Fire. East. Sattva. Pitta. Bones. Heart, stomach area, right eye. Pungent. Orange. Copper, gold. Ruby. 22nd year.




Mind, feelings, emotions, moods, fancies, desires, imagination, vision, image, memory, passion, charm, feminine tendencies, motherliness, motherly love, protection, nourishment, growth, childhood, amusement, pleasures, celebrations, singing, laughter, women, romance, fertility, vegetation, herbs, grains, agriculture, changeability, adaptability, flexibility, public opinion, common sense, popularity, softness, politeness, manners, sensitivity, tenderness, juicy fruits, liquids, sweetmeats, milk, water, watery places, rivers, oceans, seamen, fishermen, journeys, travelling agents, restaurants, popular resorts, bathing places, bathrooms, nurseries.
Varuna, Parvati. Krishna avatar. Samaveda, Purana, Smriti. Queen. Vaishya. Mother. Water. North-west. Sattva. Vata-Kapha. Chyle, Serum. Stomach, lungs, breast, left eye. Salty. White. Silver, tin, nickel, bell metal. Pearl. 24th year.




Energy, strength, independence, initiative, motivation, determination, endurance, courage, force of character, manliness, power, impatience, impetuosity, zeal, enthusiasm, passion, pioneering, adventure, sports, competition, frankness, resourcefulness, management, research, technology, laboratories, chemistry, mathematics, logic, difference of opinion, litigation, argument, misunderstanding, anger, aggression, fascism, war, weapons, soldiers, police, wounds, accidents, operations, surgeons, engineers, dentists, coffee, tea, tobacco, fires, combustion engines, machines, kitchen, bakery, fortification, desert, mountains, landed property. 
Subrahmanya. Narasimha avatar (Man-lion incarnation). Dhanurveda, Nyaya, Vaisheshika. Commander in chief. Kshatriya. Younger brothers. Fire. South. Tamas. Pitta. Blood. Red bone marrow, gallbladder. Bitter. Red. Iron, steel, copper. Red coral. 28th year





Intelligence, intellect, speech, language, learning, teaching, education, science, medicine, philosophy, explanation, understanding, rationality, discrimination, inter-pretation, curiosity, inquisitiveness, scrutiny, grasp, study, analysis, memory, logic, calculation, measurement, mathematics, communication, publicity, journalism, writing, literature, books, magazines, newspapers, advertisements, telephone, radio, television, computers, skills, inventions, ingenuity, refinement, adaptability, artistic taste, architecture, sculptures, humour, jokes, tricks, imitation, boyish nature, play, poetry, duplicity, multiplicity, swiftness, sports, short travels, friend, mediator, co-ordinator, exchange, mixture, transaction, distribution, commerce, business, trade, accountancy, auditing, diplomacy, politics, investments, playgrounds, gardens, libraries, schools, post offices, palatial buildings.
Vishnu. Buddha avatar. Yajurveda, Shiksha, Karma Mimamsa. Crown prince. Vaishya. Maternal uncles, all blood relations. Earth. North. Rajas. Vata-Pitta-Kapha. Nerve tissue. Skin, shoulders, arms, hands, respiratory canal, intestines. Mixed. Green. Mercury, tin, alloys. Emerald. 32nd year




Health, wealth, wisdom, philosophy, science, religion, knowledge, higher education, meditation, yagya, dharma, honour, merit, fame, virtue, truthfulness, morality, ethics, righteousness, law, justice, politics, optimism, positivity, progress, future, expansion, holiness, divinity, broad outlook, idealism, aspiration, helpfulness, opportunity, solution to problems, support of nature, divine grace, fortune, abundance, prosperity, success, journeys, pilgrimage, spirituality, charity, generosity, devotion, compassion, medicine, governmental favour, husband, guru, guide, religious leader, healer, bank, treasure-house, capitalism, catholicism, church, university.
Indra. Vamana avatar (Dwarf incarnation). Vyakarana, Brahmana, Pratishakhya. Minister. Brahmin. Older brother, offspring. Space. North-east. Sattva. Kapha. Fat. Liver, thighs, feet, ears. Sweet. Yellow. Gold. Yellow sapphire. 16th year.






Love, beauty, harmony, peace, joy, happiness,,delight, fortune, good luck, virtue, amiability, purity, sincerity, honesty, gentleness, affection, kindness, refinement, style, elegance, charm, sensitivity, female qualities, womanliness, curly hair, attraction, lustre, splendour, vanity, glamour, cosmetics, fashion, flowers, scents, perfumes, silk, art, dance, music, singing, drama, theatre, cinema, poetry, literature, painting, wealth, comforts, luxuries, gems, jewellery, conveyances, horses, elephants, friendship, co-operation, romance, partnership, devotion, lover, wife, marriage, sexual pleasures, seduction, potency, procreation, hedonism, beauty shop, hotel, bedroom.
Indrani, Lakshmi. Parashurama avatar. Gandharvaveda, Chandas, Itihasa. Minister. Brahmin. Wife, husband. Water. South-east. Rajas. Kapha-Vata. Semen. Face, neck, private parts. Variegated. Silver, platinum. Diamond. 25th year


Saturn with rings


Perfection, introspection, conscience, discipline, asceticism, detachment, yoga, con-templation, meditation, inner silence, transcendence, gateway to enlightenment, inner guru, patience, endurance, persistence, responsibility, seriousness, sense of duty, slowness, retardation, obstacles, problems, frustration, separating influence, coolness, contraction, caution, suspicion, reservation, exploration, discovery, invention, science, philosophy, metaphysics, religion, judaism, monasteries, grief, depression, suffering, long-term or chronic situation, time, the past, servant, labourer, communism, protestantism, anything mechanical, factories, oil, coal, mining industries, agriculture.
Shiva, Yama, Kurma avatar (Tortoise incarnation). Sthapatyaveda, Yoga, Nirukta. Servant. Shudra. Father, grandparents. Air. West. Tamas. Vata. Flesh, muscle. Knees, lower legs, nerves. Dark blue, black. Lead, iron, steel. Blue sapphire. 36th year.


Lunar Eclips

Northern moon node

Worldliness, materialism, transformation, sudden changes, excitement, alertness, intelligence, exoteric knowledge, sophistication, science, technology, psychology, psychiatry, metaphysics, initiation, destination, reincarnation, separation, distraction, disturbance, dividedness, obstacles, roughness, riots, revolts, rebellion, passion, lust, greed, confusion, pragya aparadha, overshadowed behaviour, drugs, addiction, inconsistency, sneakiness, cheating, theft, robbery, speculation, gambling, glamour, fame, illusion, deception, fear, suspicion, phobia, insanity, deformation, deterioration, fakeness, disguise, strangeness, foreigners, invasion, inundation, evacuation, epidemic, hiccup, noise, radio, electronic gadgets, high technology, black magic, sorcery, christianity, islam, dilapidated places, waste materials, garbage, slums.
Durga. Varaha avatar (Boar incarnation). Atharvaveda, Jyotish, Kalpa. Army. Outcast. Paternal grandfather. Air. South-west. Tamas. Vata-Kapha. Hair. Excretory organs. Foul taste. Brown, grey, dark-blue. Lead. Hessonite. 42nd year.


Solar Eclips

Southern moon node


Spirituality, enlightenment and apparent obstacles on the way to enlightenment, complete knowledge, abstraction, sublimation, transformation, separation, dividedness, sexual energy, kundalini, uncontrollable mass of energy, electricity, brightness, flame, lamp, television, secretiveness, indolence, seclusion, eccentricity, renunciation, asceticism, buddhism, mysticism, esoteric knowledge, psychic abilities, apparition, witchcraft, intrigues, suspicion, corruption, scandals, excesses, hectic situations, sudden events, any unusual or striking phenomenon, unexpected changes, accidents, panic, poison, epidemics, fever, intestinal worms, hindrances, handicaps, stammering, symptom, sign, symbol, flag, comet, falling star, spark, smoke, any shaped metal, tool.
Ganesha, Meena avatar (Fish incarnation). Ayurveda, Upanishad, Aranyaka. Army. Mixed caste. Maternal grandfather. Fire. South-west. Tamas. Pitta. Nails. Sexual organs. Weird taste. Smoky colours. Shaped metal. Cat's eye. 48th year.


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