The seven layers of man
Sensory organFunctionOrgan of action
ConsciousnessConsciousness, God, Divinity,
Universal Self, The Self of all beings,
Smaller than the smallest,
Bigger than the biggest
IntuitionI-sense, Imagination, Visualisation,
Creativity, Balance, Discrimination,
Fulfilment of desires
HearingWisdom, Intuition,
Knowingness, Openness,
Communication of the truth
Organ of Speech
TouchMind, Thinking, Memory,
Potential for Empathy, Compassion,
Love or their opposites
SightPersonal power, Pushing power,
Feelings, Emotions
TasteProcreation instinct, Playfulness
Search for pleasure and the avoidance of pain
Sex organ
SmellSurvival instinct, Earthliness,
Groundedness, Material security,
Basic trust in Life
Excretory organ
The wholeness of the human body-mind-soul system can be subdivided into seven relatively autonomous levels of functioning. Each level is related to one of the 7(!) sensory organs, and to one of the 7(!) organs of action.
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