The Seven Bodies of Man

Gradually, mankind is waking up to the fact that (wo)man is a multidimensional being. We consist out of a number of mutually permeating layers, that form an equal numbers of sheaths that envelop our true Self. Our true ID-entity is enveloped by several sheaths! Throughout the centuries, many categorizations of these sheaths have been in circulation. Well known is the categorization in three components: body, mind and soul. Also the categorization in four layers is very much used: physical body, emotional body, mental body and spiritual body.

Whereas our mind-body system is equipped with seven chakras, the categorization in seven sheaths is a very significant one. Below you find an example of how the categorization in seven relatively autonomous bodies looks like. Next to the name of the body, you find the name of the corresponding chakra, the subjective experience that we have from it, the element, the sense organ and the number it has in the sequence in which it was created.

1.Physical bodyRoot chakraI moveEarthSmell7th
2.Etherical bodySacral chakraI am vitalWaterTaste6th
3.Astral bodyNavel chakraI feelFireSight5th
4.Mental bodyHeart chakraI thinkAirTouch4th
5.Intuitive bodyThroat chakraI knowSpaceHearing3th
6.Ego bodyForehead chakraI seeManasIntuition2th
7.Bliss bodyCrown chakraI amBeingConsciousness1th

In the centre of these seven mutually permeating sheaths, the Self is found. Our Self as such is completely abstract, unbounded, infinite, absolute, cosmic and divine. It consists of Pure Consciousness. Consciousness permeates all of the sheaths or bodies, and that is why they are alive in the first place. Consciousness equals Life! Materially speaking, consciousness is absolutely Nothing. Spiritually speaking, consciousness is Everything! This is so, simply because all that exists in the Universe is a manifestation, or expression of consciousness. Whose consciousness is that? Our consciousness, our commonly shared consciousness. Please mark the fact, that there is only ONE consciousness in the entire Universe. Consciousness is that which the various religions call God, Allah, Shiva, Tao, etc. First it expressed itself in many sorts of energy (at the big bang), later on some of these energies coagulated, condensed, or crystallized into the various forms of matter. Therefore, the first six created bodies should be considered to be energy bodies. Our physical body was created as the last and seventh sheath, especially designed to experience live on this beautiful planet Earth. The first three bodies are very subtle, while the latter four are relatively gross. The three most subtle ones are naturally Self-referral, and constitute the three layers of what is traditionally called the Soul. The four grosser sheaths are usually object- or earth-referral, and relate very much to our earthly existence. At the moment of our so called death, we leave the material body, and continue to live in our energy bodies. These find themselves automatically living in one of the many energy-(or subtle matter)worlds that permeate the material world. The particular world in which we find ourselves after leaving the physical plane, is determined by our I-dentification with the one or the other subtle body. In other words, it is determined by our level of consciousness! Thus the most important question in life is: with what do I identify myself? Who or what am I really? The ultimate answer is: I am consciousness and I have several bodies!